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Web Page Date Description
New Change Log 9/19/2006 This is the last entry in this list. This list of Recent Updates is being transferred to a new (blog) format so that it can be subscribed to in RSS format, allowing people to be notified of changes as they happen.
Splendor On The Grass 9/18/2006 Reformatted for easier reading. Changed to Google ads instead of Amazon.
The Collected Works 9/18/2006 Links to all the stories I have written. Eliminated one web page by consolidating with another.
Mikie's Fun House #4 9/17/2006 Fixed bugs in links. Big thanks to visitor Dennis O.
Ocean View Webcam 9/16/2006 Cleaned up the page. Added sample view photo. Removed some extraneous links. Reformatted.
Ferrari Sounds 9/16/2006 Cleaned up the page. Linked back to Car Nut page.
Car Nut 9/16/2006 Updated the story of the Corvette on my Car Nut page with link to Fast Mikie's Epic Road Trip, and new photo, and overall re-formatting to make it easier to read and follow along (hopefully).
Weather Station 9/13/2006 Upgraded to Version 7 of WeatherView32 software, and tweaked the output a tad.
Mikie's Fun House 9/13/2006 Updated office photo showing new dual Dell 30" monitors. Check it out!!!
My Computer System 9/13/2006 Updated with photo of new dual Dell 30" monitors. Check it out!!!
Home Page 9/3/2006 Changed "blogger" link to go to Blogger Profile, showing all (4) of the blogs I am writing now, instead of just the "Diary of a Pool Shooter" blog.
Friends 9/3/2006 Fixed broken link for Lisette's photo.
Yoga 9/3/2006 removed broken link to Yoga Vista
My Computer System 8/30/2006 Finalized the conversion from two systems (server and workstation) to just one system that handles both functions. Check it out!
Home Page 8/23/2006 Fixed broken link to poolshooter blog from home page.
Home Page 8/4/2006 Changed home page to show link to Road Trip blog
Home Page 7/4/2006 Changed "Blog - Other" to "New in My Life" and made it the first Lower-Left Link
European Biplane Tour 6/24/2006 Added Google Analytics tracking to each of the 90+ pages of the European Biplane Adventures. And fixed the links at the bottom of each of the pages (they were reversed), an amazing oversight which has been that way for as long as 9 years! Duh.
Home Page 6/24/2006 Added caption to the photo indicating story and photos by clicking it. Testing response based on Google Analytics.
Home Page 6/24/2006 Removed the test word added below, on 6/20, to see when Google no longer finds it. (it was no longer found on 7/1/2006 on the home page, probably sooner)
Home Page 6/22/2006 changed home page keywords at bottom, from green to white, and looking for when Google picks up the "best bank in ..." phrases
Home Page 6/21/2006 Tightened up the home page so that there is no open space between the graphics, and removed the "more" link, so that there is more to greet the visitor in one screen.
Home Page 6/20/2006 Added a test word (a meaningless word and a "google whack") to the home page Search Engine keywords at bottom of the home page, just to see how long it takes Google to index it.

As a follow up to the above, it was on 6/22 that Google picked up the test word on my home page, but not in this page!

Frisbee! 6/19/2006 Added copy of home page to Frisbee page in test to see if more visitors who "land" on the frisbee page will bounce less often and visit other internal links. Also removed the outlinks from the frisbee page as part of this test. Did a general upgrade of the layout, graphics, etc.
Home Page 6/19/2006 Further changes to the home page, added County Donegal photo & story link.
Home Page 6/17/2006 Completely changed the home page.
My Computer System 6/16/2006 Added details of the new Totally Noiseless computer server.
Yoga 6/4/2006 Added photo of Lisette Hart, yoga instructor, which had been a broken link, due to the fact that the photo was deleted when her Yoga Vista studio was sold.
Ferrari Sounds 6/3/2006 Added link to Google Video of the "Rendezvous" video with Ferrari 275 GTB racing through the streets of Paris at dawn. You gotta check this one out!
Confessions of a Car Nut 5/30/2006 Added link to the Vette Magazine story about my Scaglietti Corvette.
Home Page 5/18/2006 Changed the color of the search engine keywords on the bottom of the home page from medium blue to red. It seems that Google was not picking up the words because they were so close to the background color (navy blue), so that's why I'm trying this new experiment.
Music 5/18/2006 Updated the page to include my favorites on the Pandora free internet radio service. Check it out!
My Computer System 5/15/2006 Updated to show some of the recent changes I've made to my personal system.
Home Page 5/15/2006 Added photos & Slide Show links to home page. These photos use Flickr to display. Also did some cleaning up of the home page, adding borders, etc.
5/14/2006 Added Google Analytics to all the pages in Biplane Adventures, USA and most of the rest of the pages on the website. Only need to do the European adventures to be complete.
5/11/2006 Added Google Analytics to Adventures in Business, Contact, Reference, Computer Secrets, FAQ, Ten Commandments of Managing a Young, Growing Business, Company Library, Pool Plan, Solitude, Mikie's Fun House, Computer System, Books, Grandfather Clock, Cookbook, Art, Music, Webcam, Friends, Family, Fun House prototypes, Oceanfront, Floor Plan, Banker, LNBintro, LNBprospectus, Mustang, Racing, Ferrari Sounds, Ferrari Pix, Modena, Car Nut, Genius, Philanthropy, Photography, TeleMagic Adventure, Power Talking, Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told, Website, Writer, Collection, Key Word Index, Yoga, and Biz Cookie pages.
5/9/2006 Added Google Analytics to Ping Pong, Pool, Frisbee, Car Nut, Weather, Home, Biplane Adventures pages.
5/3/2006 Added a new reference that I stumbled on in my Guestbook. (the one at the bottom of the references page)
Mikie's Fun House
4/27/2006 Added a few more search terms for people who can not spell it right. See bottom of the page. The stuff added on 4/19 was not yet picked up by Google.
Weather Station
4/27/2006 Removed ocean sounds from this webpage.
Mikie's Fun House
4/19/2006 Added some search terms for people who can not spell it right. See bottom of the page.
Advisor to Entrepreneurs
3/29/2006 New business card scan.
3/29/2006 New page. Some customers, etc. share some insights on our business relationships.
3/19/2006 Updated the list of committees on which I serve at Landmark National Bank.
My Other Life
2/24/2006 New Mikie's Fun House T-shirt.
The Big Win
2/10/2006 New, true, short story about recent win at 9-ball tournament.
The Collected Works
2/10/2006 Updated the page to include some recent additions.
Slide Show
2/7/2006 New Slide Show! courtesty Flickr. Check it out! And get one of your own.
Home Page
1/30/2006 added experimental content at bottom of the home page for search engines
Del Mar Weather
1/30/2006 added content in heading of the weather page for search engines
Pool Matches
1/30/2006 updated the addresses of the tournament sites to be compatible with Google's new "autolink" feature on the Google toolbar. Try it!
Home Page
1/25/2006 Removed the dedicated "Links" page link from the home page and from the Keywords page, and from the website entirely, as it seemed redundant because relevant links are shown throughout the website in the appropriate pages.
1/23/2006 David Newhardt got a website!
1/18/2006 Updated my "banker" (Landmark National Bank) page.
1/6/2006 New photo and website info for Diane DiNucci.
Vestibule Video
1/3/2006 The video for the new vestibule area is now hosted by so click the link on the left to check it out. Downloads faster, starts sooner.
Yoga Page
1/2/2006 Updated.
Diary of a Pool Shooter
1/1/2006 Updated my Blog: Diary of a Pool Shooter, The Adventures of Fast Mikie.
Pool Plan for 2006
1/1/2006 Updated my Plan for Excellence in Pool (2006).
Pool Plan for 2005
1/1/2006 Updated my Plan for Excellence in Pool (2005).
Pool Page
1/1/2006 Updated my pool page.
Ping Pong
12/31/2005 Updated my ping pong page.
Art Link on Home Page
12/16/2005 Added the "art" link to the Other Interests section (lower right) on the home page.
Slide Show
12/01/2005 Fixed the Slide Show, which seems to have decided to quit working some time ago.
Pool Plan
11/29/2005 Updated my Plan for Excellence in Pool.
Home Page
11/14/2005 Updated Google search section at bottom of page to include Diary of a Pool Shooter and My Other Life sites.
11/11/2005 Updated current prices on top 5 book recommendations.
Double M News Goes Blog
11/10/2005 The Double M News morphs to a blog format, for the betterment of all mankind.
Pool Tournaments in San Diego
10/25/2005 Updated the schedule. No more Saturday tournament in Oceanside.
9/27/2005 Clarity and truth from Amelia Earhart.
9/27/2005 After years of planning and design and work, there's a spectacular new front door at Mikie's Fun House!
Diary of a Poolshooter
9/21/2005 Recent entries.
9/19/2005 Totally excellent September Sunset. (photo)
Plan For Excellence in Pool
9/20/2005 Various updates to the plan.
The Double M Lending Library
8/5/2005 Eliminated broken link with photo of Trinity college library.
Brain Waves
7/31/2005 Old thought, newly written...
European Biplane Tour
7/29/2005 Updated the Texel story.
Pool Plan for Excellence
7/26/2005 Updated the Plan.
7/22/2005 The downside of Hammock Therapy.
7/20/2005 Quote by Klee.
7/20/2005 Photo and text about my favorite tree, a Star Pine I gave up for adoption many years ago.
Brain Waves
7/20/2005 Great new quote, found hanging on a neighbors door, as thanks for the fresh flowers which arrive every weekend, anonymously!
Friends page: Barry Tempest
7/13/2005 Ok, sure, it has been 8 years for me to get around to adding the extraordinary Barry Tempest to my "Friends" page, but I've been busy with my hammock therapy... Check out his photo/info.
What Is The Weight Of A Snowflake?
7/7/2005 Pondering the value of even one voice when it comes to saving the world...
Plan for Excellence in Pool
7/2/2005 Added to the Goals...
Pool Tournaments
5/26/2005 Added some new pool tournaments in San Diego area. (Sharks on Tues/Thurs)
Joke du Jour
5/11/2005 A son helps his father...
About this website
5/10/2005 Update. This website now generating 15,000+ visitors per month over the last 3 months.
Home Page
5/8/2005 Spring cleaning. Organized the front page.
Diary of a Pool Shooter
5/5/2005 New Blog.
My Wish List
5/3/2005 New Section.
5/2/2005 Sharing a smile. New page. Only my favorites.
Google Adwords Conversion Rate Analysis
4/25/2005 Added this service to contact page. Click here for more information.
Blog and Home page
4/24/2005 Added ICBM and geo.position meta tags to blog, home and webcam pages to serve as location data. You will need to do a "View/Source" in your browser to see it, currently the 3rd meta tag at the top of the code. The location is not exact, so as not to encourage stalkers.
4/23/2005 Two new recipes added: Hearty Lentil Soup and Bean Tortilla Soup. Yummy stuff! And a new photo of Kendra's Kickass Cookies.
4/22/2005 Still there, after all these 22 years, the Xavier Cugat painting "Parade To The Circus" is still hanging on the wall at the orphanage where I donated it...
4/22/2005 Still there, after all these 22 years, the Xavier Cugat painting "Parade To The Circus" is still hanging on the wall at the orphanage where I donated it...
4/13/2005 The Double M News is now MM Blog.
Brain Waves
4/13/2005 New quote by Albert Einstein.
4/11/2005 "Fast Mikie" proves it in racing karts.
Pope Story #1
4/8/2005 The first of several stories about the pope and me.
4/5/2005 "Fast Mikie" does story and photos for Inside Pool Magazine on the Women's Professional Pool Tournament in Alpine, CA which ran over the last 5 days.
3/25/2005 What's in YOUR coffee? There's something better than Starbucks coffee out there, and a friend clued me in to it!
3/23/2005 The Singing Pig Award.
3/21/2005 Updated the page to reflect the recent change in table cloth to Simonis 860. Now I have one less excuse!
Cookbook Story
3/13/2005 The Story behind Carol's Cookbook. Revealed in print for the first time.
3/13/2005 Celebrating Spring!
3/11/2005 Four great new recipes added to Carol's Cookbook. Mmmmmm good.
3/8/2005 Some reformatting, and split out the news for 2004 into a separate file so that the current news loads faster.
Pool Tournaments in San Diego
3/3/2005 Updated info for Pacific Q Billiards, Encinitas.
3/3/2005 New Page. On the subject of my genius, or lack thereof.
3/2/2005 Carol's Cookbook. Check out what keeps me so healthy!
3/2/2005 Webcam photo & text about the Muddy Waters from recent rains.
My Most Prized Possession
2/25/2005 Photo evidence revealed at last! Also some additional text about the auto racing adventures of our hero (Double M).
2/24/2005 Great new book in the Double M Library: Taking On The World by Ellen MacArthur
2/20/2005 Photo and text regarding my newest pool trophy. Division Champion, Fall 2004, 9 Ball.
Brain Waves
2/18/2005 New: Quote by Nikola Tesla.
Mikie's Fun House Tour
2/15/2005 New kitchen photo added, showing skylight and mirrors; both recent improvements to the already extraordinary quality of life at Mikie's Fun House. Also in the photo is the first public glimpse of the infamous "System For Household Management". See text under photo for more on that!
2/15/2005 Green Flash Captured At Mikie's Fun House. Photo evidence, at last. Scroll down to news of 1/27/2005.
Plan for Pool Excellence
2/14/2005 Updated plan for 2005 to become the legend in my mind.
2/9/2005 My weather station goes public. Check out the news!
War Stories
2/1/2005 The true story: How I earned a medal of honor, while still in Basic Training, without really trying.
A Proposal For The Improvement of Democracy
2/1/2005 Nothing less than a change to the paradigm of Democracy.
Brain Waves
1/30/2005 Check the new quote!
Mikie's Fun House Tour
1/27/2005 Great photo of new Waco Airplanes neon sign, and the Euro Tour propeller, recently hung on the office wall.
Adventures In Business

The TeleMagic Adventure
1/11/2005 More on the PAL adventure, especially at the end. And more on the TeleMagic Adventure, especially at the beginning.
The Sea
1/11/2005 Added photo by Russ Lyon. Sunset, last day of 2004, at the beach, looking north toward Del Mar from Frisbee Beach, just north of Torrey Pines.
1/11/2005 Added photo by Russ Lyon of our hero, Michael McCafferty, at Torrey Pines beach, last day of 2004, fully in The Zone, demonstrating the one legged Nail Delay, while admiring his image in the wet sand. This maneuver was completed with a half spin into a behind the back catch with the left hand.
Brain Waves
12/29/2004 Added new quote.
Agony and Ecstasy in Las Vegas
12/09/2004 Added team photo for our championship 9-ball team.
Home Page
12/07/2004 Miscellaneous improvements to work with the Firefox browser.
Home Page
12/07/2004 Added the Vegetarian Gourmet link to a list of my favorite recipes. Also added Art lover and Music lover links, removed the "Shameless Self Promotion" link and did some general rearranging.
My Computer System
12/07/2004 New cell phone details.
12/01/2004 Updated my involvement with the committees at Landmark National Bank.
Pool Tournaments
11/27/2004 Added a link to tournaments in Orange County & Los Angeles area.
My old biplane
11/14/2004 Found at last! My old Waco biplane is now giving rides at Livermore airport. Click and scroll to bottom for recent photo, and link to Attitude Aviation's website and more info.
Let's Go Racing
11/14/2004 Some improvements (links, crosslinks, etc) to the stories of my auto racing days.
My "Elevator Story"
10/29/2004 Added a few brushstrokes to my "Elevator Story" (brief description of what I do to earn my keep).
10/19/2004 Obituary, Eulogy, etc.
10/16/2004 Added a quote by Horace (65-8 B.C.), Roman writer/philosopher.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
10/13/2004 Added link to the Official List of National Qualifiers in the upcoming US Amateur Championships.
Favorite Business Quotations
10/7/2004 Favorite Business Quotations updated and made easier for PC users.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
9/20/2004 The latest chapter in the continuing story of "Fast Mikie" (yours truly), pool-shooter extraordinaire. This is the story of his (my) recent successful competition at the US Amateur Championships in San Jose, CA.
My Plan for Excellence in Pool
9/16/2004 Updated.
"Fast Mikie's" Pool Page
9/16/2004 Added more convenient link to my plan for excellence (above).
Pool Tournaments in San Diego
9/13/2004 Added and changed some information on several pool tournaments, 8-ball and 9-ball, in San Diego County.
Mustang Mikie
9/11/2004 Check out the great photo of me and my Mustang driving through the California desert, taken by good friend Dave Newhardt for his new book "Mustang: 40 Years".
Agony and Ecstasy in Las Vegas
8/25/2004 The (new) story of my humiliation and redemption while shooting pool at the National Championships.
For Sale!
8/14/2004 Looking for a great used car?
How about an airplane?
The Biggest & Best Fun House Party
8/4/2004 Cleaning out the storage locker, I found this story about the Biggest & Best Fun House Party, ever! The party was in 1997, but this story was printed 21 months later, in the British magazine "Pilot". Translated from the French, (the story appeared earlier in a French flying magazine), some of the facts are mangled, but check out the pictures!!
7/31/2004 Updated the Music page, including iPod screen image of my Top Rated selections.
The Double M Lending Library
7/26/2004 Updated the Periodicals section of the Library.
The TeleMagic Adventure
7/23/2004 Significant additions to the story, new links, etc.
What You Say Is What You Get
7/23/2004 How to Master Power Talking: The Language of Success. This is a chapter in George Walther's excellent book and tells the story of the start and ultimate success of the TeleMagic adventure. Added a few links.
The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told, From The World's Best Salespeople
7/23/2004 Fixed typo, added link.
This is the story of the start of the TeleMagic adventure.
Adventures in Business
7/23/2004 Polished some text and added links detailing some of the early Misadventures of Mikie, especially regarding my improbable entry into college, and shooting pool for extra bucks while there.
Wild Ride in a Hot Jag
7/20/2004 After correspondence with Frank Bonner, who remembers that I stopped by his place with the Jag on that amazing day, it seems this Wild Ride was in 1961, not 1959 as originally written. Read the story!
Pool Plan
7/18/2004 Created and posted an automated score sheet, in Excel, for the Straight Pool / Rotation Exercise which Tony Sorto and Bill Calder taught me yesterday.
Additional changes to this page include new links.
Double M News
7/17/2004 iPod based experiments in self hypnosis to improve my pool game.
Read all about it! Quack!
News Archive 2003
7/17/2004 Moved the old news to an archive, thus making the current news file quicker to load. Some things are just boring maintenance...
Mikie Likes It!
7/11/2004 New Page: My favorite gourmet vegetarian recipes. Bon apetite!
My Computer System
7/10/2004 Switched to Mozilla Firefox to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer for web browsing to get increased security and additional features.
Mikie's Fun House
7/1/2004 Added quote from The Alchemist.
MM - Advisor
7/1/2004 Added a link to "Acres of Diamonds".
7/1/2004 Added a quote by Bailey, the last line of the great speech "Acres of Diamonds" by Russel H. Conwell, founder of Temple University.
The Big Guy
6/28/2004 Updated the links for the chimes
6/23/2004 Updated Diane's photo.
You gotta check it out!
Plan For Excellence in Pool
6/23/2004 Updated the plan with items accomplished.
6/21/2004 Our team wins the 9-ball city championships. I will be competing in the National Championships in Las Vegas. Photo of trophy.
The TeleMagic Adventure
6/13/2004 Added a scan of the 1991 Inc. 500 award, given to the 500 fastest growing privately held companies.
6/13/2004 Added a few famous quotes
on the sweet serenity of solitude.
Home Page
6/13/2004 Added links to FAQ,
(Frequently Asked Questions)
and others...
Shameless Self Promotion
6/13/2004 Miscellaneous updates
Let's Go Racing
6/13/2004 Miscellaneous updates
Distance to the Horizon
5/31/2004 Removed broken link.
Mikie's Fun House Tour
5/30/2004 New photo/text added for the all-new Entertainment Center as well as updated photo/text of the kitchen.
Charitable causes
5/29/2004 Policy updated to include all pool winnings.
Also added Senior Community Centers.
5/29/2004 Fast Mikie finishes in the money
in a local pool tournament.
The Double M Lending Library
5/23/2004 Added link to
A great idea for people who read.
Check it out!
5/22/2004 "The Man in the Glass", a great truth shared with me today by a friend.
5/17/2004 Smarty Jones is a friend of the family.
A story you won't read in the newspapers!
Mikie's Fun House Tour
5/16/2004 Lots of new and updated photos
primarily of the Master Bathroom,
Super Shower, Roman Sink, HDTV, loo, etc.
5/12/2004 Updated Diane's photo.
You gotta check it out!
5/12/2004 Added new painting "Space Window" by good friend Jerry Huyler, recently departed. He gave me the painting more than 27 years ago, when I moved from Winnetka, IL to San Diego.
Also changed some text regarding "The Mikie Mooneuver".
Mikie's Fun House (#4)
5/12/2004 New photo of sunset view.
Also added links to My Art, My Music and My Books
Mikie's Fun House (#4)
5/7/2004 New photos of latest improvements to the bedroom, including an awesome new bed, bookcases, cabinets and ceiling fan.
Double M Library
4/20/2004 Added a few new books to the library.
Zen in the Art of Archery,
Meditations from the Mat, (yoga)
Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed The Art of War, and
Sticks & Wires & Cloth (biplane adventures).
4/19/2004 Added link to a collection of slow motion videos of a wide variety of pool shots
Mikie's Fun House (#2)
4/18/2004 Added link to the book with the neat photo of my garage and supercars (Ferrari 275GTB/4 and Viper GTS) on the cover.
Message In A Bottle, Set Upon The Sea
4/13/2004 A new story, about my relationship with Dupuytren's Contracture, and a plea for help.
4/12/2004 Added quote by The Buddha.
Del Mar
4/7/2004 Added link to Earth Song Bookstore. A Del Mar institution. may be great, but hopefully there will always be local bookstores!
4/2/2004 Added "Desiderada", one of my favorites!
Fast Mikie Retires His Willie
3/24/2004 New short story about how I beat a World Champion at Nine Ball. And it's all true!
3/17/2004 Added photo & text. Check it out!
3/16/2004 Added info on local competition opportunities, and a link to Google Groups for pocket billiards.
3/8/2004 Added a Guestbook for visitors. Check it out!
3/4/2004 Added photo & text. Check it out!
3/3/2004 Added photo, text and new links. Check it out!
Ferrari Sounds
2/10/2004 Added a link to an amazing, true video of a race through the streets of Paris, at dawn, in a Ferrari 275 GTB. And the sounds are perfect! Follow the link for a preview of this newly remastered DVD.
The Biplane Adventures 2/5/2004 Added text and photo about my upcoming story of my flights in a P-51 Mustang. Fixed the link to the "AKA: Sundance" story.
Confessions of a Car Nut 1/30/2004 Added Ferrari 550 Maranello Driving Impressions, updated some prices
The Double M Lending Library 1/30/2004 Updated with new additions in pool, yoga, poetry, aviation, etc
Playing Pool 1/30/2004 Added Book List
TeleMagic Adventure 1/26/2004 Updated title of book by George Walther.
Home Page 1/26/2004 added links
BrainWaves 1/12/2004 Added quote
Home Page 1/6/2004 Added Fun House tour link, and ToolKit link, removed Night Sky and Tides links and put them into the ToolKit page.
Home Page 1/1/2004 Added link to public calendar on
Biplane Page 1/1/2004 Added caption to photo.
Biplane Adventures 1/1/2004 Added captions to photos.
ToolKit 1/1/2004 Consolidated several frequently used links on this New Page.
Pool 1/1/2004 New Photo, sound file, and links.
News 1/1/2004 Travolta's new Fun House
Published Feature Stories 12/26/2003 Added a link to newly found story in Portuguese about the TeleMagic adventure.
Mikie's Fun House #4 12/25/2003 New text and photo for Super Shower. New table and links.
My Computer System 12/25/2003 Updated the link for the Triple Monitors.
Main Page 12/24/2003 Removed the list of recent updates and created a new page for this info. Replaced the list with a link to (this) new page.
Recent Updates 12/24/2003 New page (the one you are looking at now).
Web cam 12/24/2003 Added link for Current Satellite Images
Weather 12/24/2003 Added links for Local Tides and Current Satellite Images
Music 12/15/2003 Text changed.
Mikie's Fun House 12/14/2003 Text and photos added and changed.
My Computer System 12/14/2003 Text changed. New photo.
Table Tennis 12/14/2003 Text added.
Shameless Self Promotion 12/14/2003 Text added. Photo changed.
Pool 12/14/2003 New Page. Photos and text.
Photography 12/14/2003 Text added.
Art 12/14/2003 Photo and text added.
Aliases 12/14/2003 Text added.
(a story)
12/14/2003 New Page.
Yoga 12/13/2003 Text added.
News 12/12/2003 Text added. New photo.
Floor Plans 12/9/2003 Text added.
About this website 12/2/2003 Text added.
BrainWaves 11/23/2003 Text added.
Of course, I have been making changes to this website for many years before November, 23, 2003,
but this is just when I got around to keeping a list of them... ;o)

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