A few customers, partners, and other associates
share some thoughts about our business relationship.

Long before TeleMagic and cool cars, I was Mike's partner in
a very regular and unspectacular payroll processing company.
Mike took us out of the dark ages, shook us up and
positioned us for a $42,000,000 sale to a public company.
Trust me...the guy is a certified genius, and is everything he says he is!

Ron Bleich

“Over the decades (yes!) that I've known and worked with Michael,
I've found him to be consistently brilliant,
always eager to found his opinions on flawless logic,
and absolutely honorable.
This is a guy with extraordinary vision, who is also grounded in reality.
He's a big thinker, and I'd bet on him every time.
I write books on marketing and communications. Michael PRACTICES them daily.”

George Walther

“Over a 4 year period of working with Michael McCafferty
I found him to be an exceptionally talented business owner.
He consistently demonstrated an uncanny insight in
what features customers would find valuable.
He was a great motivator of his employees and sales agents
and quite frankly one of the best salespeople I have ever met.”

KC Truby

“Michael McCafferty is a wonderful/effective mentor
and a tremendous source of inspiration.
He has helped me in numerous ways over the years -
especially when it came to launching my own technical recruiting business in 2004.
I highly recommend Michael as a resource if you're seeking positive/optimistic energy
as well as solid business acumen.”

Alex Wenz

“Michael helped us tremendously with our company, What's In Your Neighborhood.
His ability to cut to the heart of complex business matters and
provide poignant advice has allowed us to keep it simple and succeed.
He is a truly creative thinker and entrepreneur that
I highly recommend to anyone starting a business.”

Eddie Cox

“Michael is a professional of the truest definitions of the word "entrepreneur."
Michael is not only very knowledgeable in his field,
he is most ethical in his business practices and in his personal dealings.
He is also very detail oriented so he won't miss the most minute detail
which could be of great significance to a project.
Michael is a trustworthy client, associate & friend to have.”

Diane DiNucci

“Michael's perspective and insight is invaluable to entrepreneurs
given his business and life experiences and ultra-positive "can do" attitude.
I look forward to a long and successful relationship with him.”

Eric Johnsen

“There is one word to describe MM: Visionary.
He has the ability to see the future, and to inspire people to achieve it.
I remember him addressing a conference of Telemagic resellers,
and asking them to commit cash to a new venture,
without any specifics of what the venture would be,
just on the strength of the fact that he would be leading it.
He walked out with cash from almost all of them.”

Jeremy Heymann

“Awesome person, business owner and comrade.
Helped kickstart my business into a nationwide presence
and really taught me how to be a trusted advisor to customers.
We became really close business partners, he was a client of mine and me him.”

Jeff Multz

I still owe you a few million dollars for the success you gave me.
It started when I bought your first version of TeleMagic software
from you for about $99.
I continued using TM DOS intensively through v.14.xx.
Your exquisite TM-DOS contact manager was the heart and soul
of my success in the late 80's/early 90's.
Michael, this is a need that's screaming to be filled.
You have an enormous reservoir of good will
and past customers who will buy your new product instantly.
Your MM name brand recognition for this is fantastic.

Stan S.

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