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The Collected Works
Michael McCafferty

Words come to me and I must write to set them free.
If you read these words, or not, my work is done.
I had to do it.

Short Stories (Non-Fiction)

Pope Story #1
The Cookbook Story
War Stories
D2: A Proposal for the Improvement of Democracy

The Big Win
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Agony and Ecstasy in Las Vegas
Fast Mikie Retires His Willie

Wild Ride in a Hot Jag
The Gesture Of Maximum Leverage
Car Crazy
Man Parks Car Up Front, Every Time!

The Messenger (aka The Duck)
The Mikie Mooneuver
Splendor on the Grass

Adventures in Business
First Experiments
College Capers
The Blotter Caper
The Birthday Cake Caper
The Bookie Caper
The Purple Onion Caper
Fast Mikie, Hustler in Residence
The Great IBM Caper
The Miracle of My Graduation from College
IBM: The Path of Enlightenment
The EDP Adventure
Selling Cars
The PAL Adventure
The TeleMagic Adventure
The Biplane Adventures
The Landmark National Bank Adventure

Book Length (Non-Fiction)

The Biplane Adventures - USA Tour
The Spirit of Adventure (European Tour)

Free Verse

Orgasm of Silence
Be Like Water
A Good Way to Die

Other Works

My Other Life (blog)
Diary of a Pool Shooter - The Adventures of Fast Mikie (blog)

14 Magic Motivational Words
Computer Secrets for Everyday Users
The Ten Commandments for Managing a Young, Growing Business


Who - What - When (Software Product)
The IdeaGrinder(Software Product)

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Published Stories about Michael McCafferty, written by others

The Double M Lending Library - Del Mar Branch
(what I read)

True Stories I Want To Write - Someday

The P-51 Mustang was the most successful fighter of World War II. It is generally acknowledged by children and experts alike as their "favorite airplane". Only about 100 of these great aircraft remain in flying condition, and they are extremely expensive to maintain, so they appear only on special occasions such as the Reno Air Races, air shows, and in very, very rare cases they are available for joy rides to people who have expensive fantasies and are lucky enough to be able to afford this once in a lifetime adventure.

"Crazy Horse" is located in central Florida and I flew on a commercial airline (yuk) coast to coast and lived in budget motels (double yuk) just for the opportunity to fly this awesome aircraft. However, my mission was even more specific. I wanted to learn to fly it good enough to be allowed to fly it from the front seat, something almost nobody gets to do.

Someday, I'll write the story of this magical fantasy come true.

What do you say to the pope when you meet him? That was a question I wrestled with for months before the big event. Here I am in St. Peter's Square with a couple of hundred thousand other people who want to meet, touch, be touched by, be blessed by, healed by, prayed for, helped by, and even sell something to... the pope. A generally busy guy, you don't get a lot of time with him, so whatever you are going to do when you meet him, you gotta do it fast. Arrangements were made that I would meet the pope at a certain place on the pope's Wednesday afternoon gatherings in the Vatican.

He knew I was going to be there...

"You write to discover what you have to say."    B.F. Skinner
"We write to taste life twice."     Anais Nin

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