Photography came in search of me at about the time my son Mike entered the world. I guess I was pushed into it by all the camera and film advertising, playing up the importance of recording on film every moment of a child's journey through Life. My early photos were awful, of course, as I experimented with the medium and the technical details of camera settings, available light, shadow, motion, composition, film type, and so on...

Something magical happened when I saw the photo above. Mike was several months old at the time. The camera (a Canon F1 with motor drive and Speed Finder) was set up on a tripod by the crib, with a shutter release cord, and using automatic settings. I shot a lot of film, each click of the shutter was another lesson. After thousands of lessons, you get lucky and it all comes together for that special photo. Maybe like the perfect golf shot that keeps you coming back for a lifetime trying to make it happen again.

As you can see from the photo, prints deteriorate over the years. I wish I had taken better care of the photos and the negatives. Technology eventually comes up with the answer: digital photos will last forever.

Recently I have been experimenting with sunsets because they are so available. Every day one of these colorful celestial events visits my front balcony overlooking the Pacific. If you want to see the view you can check the live streaming video webcam.

Here are a few of my favorite photos, not necessarily because they are so good, but because of the subject matter.


Lisette & Coby Wedding

Mikie's Fun House
2000 Ferrari 550 Maranello
1967 Ferrari 275 GTB
Ping Pong
Viper and Biplane
Danish Red Headed Airport Kid

Slide Show

Favorite Photographers

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Susie Hadland - Gallery In The Sky
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