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Ping Pong!

There is probably no more fun that you can have with your clothes on.
(I haven't tried naked pong, but it would probably be way too jiggly.)

This page is dedicated to all my pong buddies:
Joey, Sean, Alex, George, Mark, Barry, Randy, Steve.
(where are the good female players?)

I like to play way back from the table,
encouraging the other player to smash them over at me.
It's a good test of my lightning-quick reflexes,
and all the running around is excellent exercise.

The Story Behind The Photo:

It was the summer of 1982.
The grim spectre of Bankruptcy was closing in fast.
My credit cards were almost totally maxed out
and with the remaining credit on my last card
I bought a low cost particle board ping pong table,
and put it in the driveway behind the house.
I knew it wouldn't last any more than a year
if it was going to be stored outside,
but that was all I could get with the plastic I had.
Joey, Vince, and Ray were all worthy players,
and the summer went by quickly.

We were playing some extreme good pong,
in perfectly clear weather.
We went inside for water, and when we came out,
this is exactly what we saw!

It was just one of those "Kodak moments".


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