Lisette and Coby Wedding

On May 23, 2001, Lisette (who teaches me yoga) and Coby married
in a beautiful oceanfront ceremony.
And, for once, I remembered my camera.

These were all shot with my trusty little Olympus C-2020 Z Digital.

With these rings...

Not a typical wedding photo, but I couldn't help myself!

The Happy Couple!

Yes, I know it's not a clear photo!
Coby seems to have a steadier hand than the photographer.

Reward for a job well done.
Photographer has recovered from taking previous photo.

Coby, the man of the hour!

The Minister takes a moment for some last minute advice...

Heading for the limo in a shower of bubbles.

We are outta here!
The tan bag in the lower right contains a chilled bottle of Perrier Jouet and two glasses.

Mr. and Mrs. for one minute!


A quiet moment...

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