Fourteen Magic Words
Create the Power to Motivate Others

1.  Free

A free bonus, given without strings, is a way to bond on a very fundamental level. 

A person who accepts your gift is bound to you by the natural laws of physics.


2.  New

Our insatiable curiosity and expanding needs and wants are Evolution in action, 

survival of the fittest. 

We all want to be aware of something new that might help us.


3.  Special

We want to be treated special and know that we are part of a select

group who is enjoying extra advantages not available to others.

4.  Me

Self interest is the highest motivational force. 

 People will respond most favorably if we personalize our message.


5.  Easy

If it is complicated, it will be dropped in favor of something that is easier.

Continue to improve ease of use in everything.


6.  Fast

Fast is good.  Faster is better.  Now is best.


7.  Guaranteed

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt are all elements of risk. 

People avoid risk and move toward rewards.


8.  Proof

Innate skepticism must be overcome in a positive way up front.

Questions should be answered before they become questions.

Trustworthy sources should be quoted, and factual details given.


9.  Save

Make it easy and pleasurable for the customer to buy. 

Everyone enjoys a special opportunity to save money.


10.  Important

To break through the sea of trivial messages and earn the attention of

your audience, you must show that your message is a worthy priority .


11.  Now

The moment is always Now.  There must be a sense of

urgency before people will be motivated to do something.  They

must fear some loss, or perceive some extra gain by acting immediately.


12.  Please

Courtesy can move mountains, and will almost certainly open doors

and give you a courteous opportunity to present your proposition.


13.  Appreciate

"Thank You" is what we want to be saying as much as possible.  An

attitude of gratitude produces magical results.  Say it frequently to god,

your significant other, partners, friends and strangers.  Say it and show it, and you will

reap huge rewards and a life of joy.


14. Help

People who realize that they may need help are more likely to give help. 

At some point we all need help.  A cooperative spirit is the foundation of society.

A wise person gladly accepts help and offers others opportunities to help accomplish

worth while goals.


2000 Michael McCafferty