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Michael McCafferty

Business Background

PAL - The Amazing Consumers' Computer
One of the many news stories that describes the World's First Electronic Yellow Pages (an early form of the World Wide Web) that was invented by Michael McCafferty and introduced in San Diego in 1979.
Copyright 1980, Del Mar News.

Power Talking:
50 Ways to Say What You Mean and Get What You Want

Describes the days of desperation and poverty, the bankruptcy, and how the turnaround started. The premise is the power of positive talking.
Copyright 1991, George Walther.

The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told,
from The World's Greatest Salespeople

A brief look at the start of the TeleMagic adventure, and the critical role played by the poster of "The Ten Commandments of Managing a Young Growing Business". Also describes the negotiations during the sale of the company and the lessons learned. Copyright 1995, Robert L. Shook.


To Dream, perchance to fly
A longish story describing some of the events leading up to flying and beyond, with some never before published material. Printed in August 2001 by Aviation & Business Journal, and written by Di Freeze.

Classic Waco
A story of the Classic Waco biplane. The story behind the owner (Michael McCafferty). Some detailed specifications about the plane. The story behind the airplane. Seven pages. Story and photos by Budd Davisson. Copyright 1995, Private Pilot Magazine.


Cobra Concept
The story of the 1959 Scaglietti-bodied Corvette. Built for racing by Carroll Shelby. Only three of these cars were made. One is in Paris, one in Tokyo, and one is in Mikie's Fun House!
Copyright 1997 Vette Magazine.

Adventures at Mikie's Fun House
The Big Party at the Fun House was finally held on March 16, 1997. This story appeared in the Ferrari Owners Club magazine "Pilota".
Copyright 1997, by Dick and Tricia Nelson.

Borrego Springs
This story about the Big Party, printed a full 21 months after the fact by a British flying magazine, was written by the French author Bernard Chabbert. Copyright 1999, Pilot Magazine.

Segway Story
I thought the Segway Human Transporter would be a great idea. This story by Nina Garin was published in the San Diego Union Tribune on December 30, 2002 and also on their website, with a video by David Mollering.

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