Two 30" Dell monitors. That's an 8-foot propeller for scale!"

My Personal Computer Systems

as of November 20, 2010

Free: Computer Secrets For Beginners

             Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3
             Word 2002 - word processor
             Excel 2002 - spreadsheet
             ClearType - improves display of text on LCD monitors
             HTML-kit - HTML editor for website development
             Paint Shop Pro X - photo editing
             TeleMagic Enterprise 5.0 - contact database
             Norton Anti-Virus - to keep clean
             Firefox primary browser
             Google email
             Google calendar
             Google Reader
             Google Analytics
             Google AdWords
             Google Alerts
             Google Earth & Sky
             Naturally Speaking - Speech Recognition
             Skype to make free phone calls around the world
             RoboForm password automation, auto login, auto form filler
             Family Tree Maker (version 16)
             Advanced Time Synchronizer
             Picasa for pictures.  free, a Google company
             iTunes to feed my iPods, and to organize and play my CD collection
             Pandora for my favorite, personalized, internet radio stations
             Specialized software:
                    Weatherview32 - weather station monitoring
                    Webcam32 - webcam
                    Multi CAM - handles multiple webcams
             Mac software:
                    Coda for HTML editing
                    iMovie for video editing

              1.  The desktop computer:
                   CPU: 2.2 GHz AMD Athlon 64 3500 Socket 939 processor
                   Main Memory: 4gb Kingston
                   Hard Disk: Seagate Very Quiet 100gb, SATA2 7200.1 2.5" 

                      This system is absolutely quiet, as it has no fans whatsoever,
                      and uses heat pipe / heat sink technology for cooling.
                   DVD: Sony (BLACK) DWQ120A 16X DVDRW
                   Keyboard - Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard
                   Mouse - Logitech MX Revolution Laser
                   Video - Two Dell 30" (3007 WFP) monitors set at 1600x1200 
                   Printer - HP Deskjet 6980 Color Printer
                   Scanner - Canon CanoScan 4200F
                   Backup Hard Disk - 250 GB, portable, USB   
                   Speakers - Creative GigaWorks T20 2.0           


              2.  Treadmill Computer:
                   HP Pavilion desktop PC, 3GB memory, with Vista operating system running Windows Media Center.
                       connected to 30" Dell monitor.

              3.  Video editing & production computers:
                   MacBook Pro, series 2, 2.93Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, 17" screen,  256GB Solid State Drive, 4GB main memory,
                    backlit keyboard, Logitech nano wireless mouse, Mac wireless keyboard.
                   MacBook Pro, series 1, 17" screen, connected to 30" Dell monitor for use in creating videos for my YouTube channel.
              4.  On The Road
                    iPhone 4 32GB cell phone, browser, music, etc.
                        Some favorite iPhone apps:  Groceries, Notes, Voice Memos, Google, Camera, Pandora, Skype, Facebook,
                         Twitter,  SurfReport, GoSkyWatch, LED Light, Heart Rate, Surf Report, Google Voice, Moon Phase, WebMD,
                          iTriage, Tom Tom, Gas Cubby, Zillow, Dragon, TED, Solitaire, Hulu+, Netflix, Ustream, Amazon, Square, 
                          Break Speed, Carpenter, WordBook, Measures, TheBike, Ustream, Shazam
                   Apple iPods:  shuffle (for the bike), old iPhone 3G (music & backup GPS for the car), touch (for the Airstream)

              Internet Access
                  Firewall (details on need to know basis)
                  TW Cable,
                        22.0 Mb/s download (12 Mb/s actual)
                         2 Mb/s upload (1.6 Mb/s actual) 
                             (test your speed, click here)                           

Previously I ran with this triple 18" monitor setup.
It was very cutting-edge when I first started using multiple monitors
around the turn of the millennium.
But it seems so antiquated in comparison to what is available today.
My current dual monitor setup (top of this page)
has more than four times the pixels of this old triple monitor setup.

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