The Big Guy

One of my favorite toys at the Fun House is my Grandfather Clock.
Every quarter hour the chimes take me back to my days as a child
as these were the sounds that accompanied my play around the house
and even later, when I was long moved away, would greet me when I came Home.

Each time it rings out the hour, I am reminded of "Home", and my parents,
who, like the clock, were always there to guide me.

This particular clock was manufactured by Charles R. Sligh company in 1992,
in Zeeland Michigan, from mahogany solids and crotch mahogany veneers.
It bears the inscription "Mikie's Fun House - 1993" on the face of the clock.
It is a Centennial 200, number 0200-2-CM,
with Moon Phase, and stands well over seven feet tall.
It was purchased for Fun House #1 (Rancho Santa Fe), was featured
in Fun House #2 (The Airplane Hangar), and now has a place of honor
in a corner of the office at Fun House #4.

Next to the Big Guy hangs another of my favorite timepieces, a Geochron, Executive model.
I enjoy watching the ever changing lines of sunrise and sunset
as the earth turns and moves through the seasons.

Throughout recorded history, the concept of Time
has been dealt with in many different ways, by many different cultures.
Calendars were developed to count the passing of days,
but there were, and still are, a variety of calendars.
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