Welcome to
The Ocean View Webcam
from Mikie's Fun House #4


You are now looking out of my home/office front window,
(from Mikie's Fun House #4)
at a palm tree in the foreground, and beyond to the vast Pacific Ocean,
and beyond that to the sun and the moon as they dance toward the horizon.

This is a live streaming video,
so what you are seeing at this moment
is what I am seeing live, as it happens in real time.

Tune in around sunset, usually the half hour or so after sunset is best for the colors.
Another interesting time is around the moonset times of the first-quarter moon.
The easiest way to know these times is to click on my weather station page.

Above is a sample image from October 21, 2003, around sunset.

If the view at the top of this page is all black,
it is because it is night here.
But sometimes at night, beginning around the first quarter-moon,
you can see the white, then orange moon as it sets into the Pacific.

Current weather data         Entire 180° View Video (3.6mb)
Current Satellite Image

What Is The Distance To The Horizon?

What might you see here?

The hypnotic, ever-changing moods and colors of the Pacific oceanfront.
You will also see:

Tides! The tides are continually changing depending on the moon, the weather, and other conditions. Click on the link to the left to get the latest prediction of the tides at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, just a couple of miles south of here.

Fighter Jets!  (F/A 18D Hornet)    Airplanes! Just about every conceivable kind of airplane flies past this camera, including the formidable F/A 18D Hornet pictured here. Click on the image for more information. This awesome aircraft operates out of nearby Miramar Marine Air Station.
Wild Goose    Birds! Herons, hawks, hummingbirds, doves, ravens, egrets, sandpipers, seagulls, pelicans, mockingbirds, and many, many more. They enjoy the easy flying on the updrafts created by the onshore winds being swept up by the cliffs.
Click for San Diego, California Forecast Weather! includes occasional storms, lightning, fog, rain, wind, but mostly sunshine. Click the image for current and forecast details.
Recent Observations - Scripps Pier
My Personal Weather Station

     The Night Sky! Heavenly Bodies! Click image to left for current astronomical situation, as seen from Del Mar. Great for identifying that star or planet you are looking at, or predicting the movements of anything you can name! To see the sky from your area (US Zip codes only) click here.

Some nights, when the moon is west of vertical,
the reflections are completely mesmerizing.
There's nothing like the real thing,
but this webcam is the way I can share it.

USMC hovercraft    Ships! Pictured here is the USMC hovercraft stationed just north of Oceanside. You'll also see lots of sailboats, aircraft carriers, cruise ships, jet skis, nuclear submarines, and more.
Dolphins!    Dolphins! And even whales in December - February. The dolphins are here year round, and they just love to play and surf inside the breaking waves.
Tailspin Tommy!    The most famous of all the airplanes to cruise this coastline, Tailspin Tommy is an old time barnstormer who sells once in a lifetime experiences in his 1929 Travelair open cockpit biplane. Click image for more information.
Sunsets and Moonsets Sunsets and Moonsets! Magical gifts every day. We thrive on them. Click on the image to view Seven Sunsets and One Moonset. The most colorful times to visit are just after sunset. The US Naval Observatory can tell you when Del Mar sunsets and moonsets occur.
The Spirit of Adventure
AirMikie! You should have been here last year! This is certainly the prettiest open cockpit biplane ever built. It was flown hundreds of times up and down this coastline, and also on great adventures across the USA and Europe. Click on the image to read all about it.

Surfers! Surfers! Dude! This is Southern California. This is where it all happens. The live action webcam is looking out over a little known local Del Mar spot, hard to reach.
Trains! Trains! This is the San Diego "Coaster" commuter train which connects San Diego and Los Angeles. Special cars with upper deck observation seats give a great view of the coastline. Click on the image for train schedule. These trains slip by almost unnoticed just below the footpath in the foreground.
But Wait! There's More:

People! on the trails: runners, joggers, walkers, strollers. Fishermen at the water's edge.
Dogs! getting their daily exercise. Let's see who "forgets" to pick up after their dog!
General aircraft of all kinds including ultralights, blimps, balloons, helicopters,
and even hang gliders and paragliders
(on windy days, they take off from Torrey Pines Gliderport to the south).
Surprises! If you stop by when we're adjusting the camera, or the windows are being cleaned, it's anybody's guess what you might see!

Where is it?

Del Mar California On the oceanfront, See Map (32:57 N, 117:15 W),
camera mounted about 160' above sea level.
Camera is aimed at various times between due West (270 degrees) to SSW (190 degrees).

Seven Selected Sunsets and One Moonset

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