The Double M News - 2002

Segway Update

Click on the title to read a story in the San Diego Union Tribune that mentions my son Mike and daughter Kendra and me, about our tryouts on the Segway Human Transporter. The tryout occurred on December 16 at the Marriott in LaJolla, and we just happened to be there at the same time as the reporters for the Union Tribune were there checking it out. It's an insightful look at some of the challenges facing the wide use of the device.

Pelican Fly By

Click on the title for a video clip of a formation of pelicans flying by. I've been waiting a long time to be in the right place at the right time to get a video like this. As luck would have it, the right place was right on my front balcony. The time was sunset tonight. Right after a Green Flash!

Wild Ride in a Hot Jag

Recently a friend (RB) sent me a photo of a really lovely Jaguar XK120 he is restoring, and it got me to thinking about one of my more unforgettable moments in a Jaguar. I have thought about that extraordinary ride many times over the years, so I took this opportunity to write the story and put it on the web so I can share it with other friends who are car nuts like me.
Click on the title and enjoy!

(For more recent car stuff, see My Mustang)

Joao Paulo Oliveira de Almeida
November 15, 1966 - May 22, 1997

In Memory of JP

In 9 hours, a few drops of liquid will flow into a vein and I'll slip into oblivion. While I'm there, I will be having a tooth yanked out of my head, as punishment for my bad behaviour over the last half century it has been with me. It seems I cared too much for it. Brushed too hard is what they say. Finally brushed away the gum and bone. It's not something you see everyday, but it happens. Lot of people just don't know how to brush their teeth. I'm still learning. Maybe it's a Virgo thing.

So where am I going with this, and why do I bother you, dear reader, with all this drivel about a simple issue of bodily maintenance? The answer is that I'm getting anaesthesia tomorrow morning, and I'm thinking about my good friend JP who died under anaesthesia. He just never woke up. JP was an extraordinarily delightful human being who lit up every situation, every meeting and every room full of people. He was the guy who sold my TeleMagic software in Portugal. He broke a finger somehow and it needed a bit of minor surgery. He was in South Africa at the time, and he wanted any surgery to be done in his home of Portugal. Can't blame him, of course. And I guess the result would have been the same regardless. He was just one of those very few people who don't wake up from anaesthesia. Case closed. And there's no way to tell in advance. Kind of a Russian Roulette but with a lot more empty chambers. Anyway, it's not that I really think there's much of a chance that I'm not going to wake up tomorrow, (I had anaesthesia a couple of times 17+ years ago) it's just that I'm thinking that I've been wanting to say something about JP, and this situation is pushing me into it.

I last saw JP (Joao Paulo Oliveira de Almeida) at a party at the Fun House. He spent the entire 2 day party in the Jacuzzi with a lovely young lady from Portugal. But it was not as if he was trying to be alone with her. It was more like he had set up the Jacuzzi as his party headquarters, from which he could be in touch with everything that was going on. He was always smiling!
Click here for a photo of him as a kid.

I remember taking JP up in my biplane just before that party. He loved it, of course. I can't remember a more enthusiastic and appreciative passenger.

I remember his hospitality when I was on business in Portugal. I remember him being so happy that he was going to marry his girlfriend. I remember JP as one of the finest and happiest people I have ever met, and it seems such a waste that he would die so soon, so young. He had so much life ahead of him. If he had lived just a little longer, maybe we could have learned the secret of his joy. He is missed.

And that's one reason why I've been wanting to get his photo up on my website. I want to be sure that his smile will live on, and that when we need it we can always find a truly happy man.

He not only showed us how to live, he demonstrated a really excellent way to die. What could be better than to go to sleep and not wake up. Especially when you are so totally convinced that you will be waking up in a few minutes. Nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! Sure beats some of the messier and/or more painful ways to go. Give me JP's way, tap out early and clean, a complete surprise! Just go to sleep and the next thing you know you're on the Other Side. Wow! Talk about surprise!

Well, he's busy enough now. There's probably a lot going on, on the Other Side. A lot to learn. I'll bet he's having fun flying through the clouds like we did in my biplane...

I'll write again when I wake up from my anaesthesia.

And if I don't wake up, I'll be doing loops and rolls through the scattered clouds, and I'll be on the lookout for JP.

Photos from Telemarketing magazine.


December 11, 11am: PS: I woke up after the anaesthesia, so it may be a while before I get to play in the scattered clouds with JP in the next life, but with the drugs they gave me are good enough to think I am! I even get to keep the tooth, so I can be buried with all my body parts. Life is good.

Video Experiments!

Playing with the video record feature of the Canon Power Shot S300 Digital camera.
Check out these clips:
Ocean view, 180 degree scan (3.6mb)
Frisbee on the run (1.5mb)


The Segway Human Transporter is now available to the General Public.
I celebrated this historic moment by ordering one each for my children, and one for me.
Delivery sometime after March.
Stay tuned.

Click on the photo or link above to learn more and/or order one of your own.

Click here for Video!

Frisbee Injury

I'm sporting a black eye for the first time in a while, the result of a close encounter with a flying disc. Joey was enthusiastically demonstrating his new found skill at airbrushing, and my right eye was occupying a point in space where the frisbee was directed. Other than that, yesterday was an excellent gift. What more could be said of a day that includes frisbee on the beach, with or without a black eye! It's probably a good thing I was wearing (sun) glasses at the time, otherwise the damage could have been lots more severe. Wear protective eyewear!

Full Moon, Glassy Day at Frisbee Beach, Del Mar California

Hibernating all summer,
Getting Restless...
Full Moon Coming in 2 days.
Feels like Big Opportunity.

Candle Season starts
Chill air
Awesome Sunsets
Coffee, somehow, improves.
Daily walks on Torrey Pines beach.

Life is good. Gots to focus.

The Stonewall File

Another great adventure book by Budd Davisson, who just happens to be a good friend and a biplane pilot (and all that implies). Click on the link above to read more about it. A real pager turner. Can't put it down. Have fun! Not available in bookstores, only available from Budd's website ( Click the title link above for excerpts from the book.

Building a Successful Software Company

Click the link above for details about my upcoming presentation before the members of the IEEE Orange County Computer Society. The discussion will apply to building a successful company of any sort, not just software. However, many of the examples will be from my almost 40 years experience as an entrepreneur in the computer industry.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Attended a public appearance of this old and famous Zen Buddhist monk and prolific author. This was a birthday present from Carol and Peter. The monk of Del Mar goes to see the monk of Plum Village.

The Duck

Read the true story about an aviator's ultimate decision.
And a few words on how it turned out from the perspective of 2 years.

Fun Stuff

The Landmark National Bank IPO came to a successful close on Friday so it was time to celebrate with a raging game of ping pong on the table from the Fun House. Good friend George Hoover learned the meaning of the word humility after some incredible pong but with one mistake too many. I love that game!

Saturday started with frisbee on the beach with Mark. The wind was nil, till we hit the beach then it came up nicely. It was great fun playing in the surf and going for the diving catches. After the pure play of frisbee, we grabbed some grub and then Mark learned the same lessons George got the day before. Are there any real pong players out there? I need some competition!!!

Later in the day I went to the local movie house to catch Goldmember with son Mike. Great time!!!

Sunday was laying low, recovering from all the muscle aches, hanging out with Joey and Harumi.

Mikie Likes It.

Full Moon Quirks

It started yesterday when the dialer in my TeleMagic contact manager began to hang up the program. Then I discovered some dark fluid on the floor in the kitchen, and only after much investigation did I learn that it was from 3 cans of soda that decided to leak all at the same time. What are the odds of that? After cleaning up the mess for an hour, the newly replaced humidity sensor on the weather station spiked to 100% for about an hour just after midnight.

I couldn't sleep very well at all last night, so I was up early working on the dialer mystery, and, after rebooting the system, my triple monitor went completely FUBAR, with two of the monitors going dead, and the third monitor reverted to the most basic of settings (600x400) making any graphics completely unviewable. Then the humidity sensor jumped to 100% and stayed there. I replaced the sensor leads, and it still didn't work. So then I replaced the new sensor with the old sensor, and now it works, but still exhibits the old spikey behavior. (A new one will be shipped out today.) Then I thought I'd scan a photo for a friend, and the scanner decided to become completely hidden from the operating system, and I still haven't figured that one out... Back to solving the monitor challenge, I downloaded the uninstall software and new drivers from the web, and after doing both jobs, found that the cursor/pointer decided to disappear when in a text field. Works fine when pointing to a graphic or a link! After lots of time on the phone, I found that the new monitor drivers are incompatible with PC-Anywhere AND Palm Desktop, both of which I use! Oh, when will it end? After uninstalling PC-Anywhere, and Palm Desktop, then fixing the cursor/pointer, and then reinstalling the Palm Desktop, things seem to be relatively stable. This, in spite of the very disturbing situation which occured when reinstalling the Palm Desktop software: it completely froze while "updating the registry". After waiting longer than any program should be updating the registry, I killed the task expecting to have a very expensive boat anchor/PC, but everything seems to be working ok. Go figure... But still not working the way things were before the Full Moon. Meanwhile, as I fight the computer demons all day long, the stock market makes fools of us all by bouncing more in one day than it has in 15 years, after weeks (months, years?) of sustained declines.

Some people may think that the Full Moon has nothing to do with this sort of "coincidence".
You know what I think! (I should have stayed in bed.)

Weather Station Update

My oceanfront weather station has been improved with new server, software, and programming enhancements.
And the faulty humidity sensor on the WS-2000 has been replaced, no charge by the friendly folks at RainWise.
Check it all out by clicking on the headline link above.

Polo - Wings - Wheels

A Del Mar classic Sunday: The polo field comes alive with biplanes, neat cars, and even some polo!
Click on the link above to see some photos of this neat event!

Slide Show!

Click on the link above to check out the new slide show on the home page.
It uses the Power Toys for Windows XP, but you can use any operating system or browser to view it.

First Day of Summer

The Summer Solstice ended this evening with the sun setting at 14 degrees north of due west (284 degrees according to my compass), as far north as it gets all year. Tomorrow begins its journey south again.

The Cosmic Dance continues.

Hot New Gadget

I just got the new Handspring Treo 270, a hybrid, part cellphone, part organizer, part email and internet browser. Does it all, and gets better phone reception than my old phone! Check it out at This is my first handheld organizer because it's the first to incorporate a phone. Who wants to carry around a cellphone and an organizer? Now that I've seen my website from a 2" square viewing screen, I'll need to make some changes. Also noticed that the Treo doesn't handle Java, so my webcam doesn't show up on it. That's almost certainly going to change in the next version of the Treo. But it does do stock quotes, news, weather, movies, messaging, and lots more to earn its keep. Get one!

A Sense of Place

I made a few changes in the way things look around here.
changing out some furniture with Mikie's Fun House,
and it feels a lot more comfortable...

Looking from the hall, across the living room, to the yoga space in the background.
The kitchen is to the left of the yoga space.

This is the yoga space. The oriental carpet is soooo much more civilized than a rubber yoga mat!

The office space. Notice the triple-wide monitor. Four computers, no waiting!

The waxing crescent moon
hangs low in the west,
with Venus and Jupiter,
the trio descend
in a cosmic dance
into the night Pacific.

Supreme Beings of Leisure floating in the background.

The system challenges have stabilized.
I used the real time system monitor on the server
to tune the resource hog weather station software
and the intermittent crashes evaporated.

Peace returns to the universe.

Major forces are gathering...

Moderate to Severe Turbulance

The Universe provides plenty of friction to resist getting New Stuff done during the New Moon.

Recent improvements to my computer system, a Dell 8200 at 2.5ghz processor speed with 512mb memory and an 80gb hard disk, is proving to be a challenge to get working right.

The new 3-wide monitor system is still not fully functioning after 3 weeks of finger pointing. "Easy as Dell"? Not!

But that's not all. My server is antiquated and due for replacement, and we have tried several times to make it happen, but it's not going down easily either. Yesterday we installed a USP (Uninteruptible Power Supply) and ever since then I've been getting intermittent server crashes!

Progress is coming slowly, however. Today a major step forward was achieved in getting the monitors to stop flickering and waving, and Dell is finally going to ship the part that will get the third monitor to light up. And my favicon is finally working! One free Begin it Now poster to anyone who knows what that is!

When the stress builds, a yoga mat, or the beach and a frisbee provide relief.


A cookie for your mind, and your business.
Click on the link above until your hunger subsides..
Visit regularly until healthy profits occur...

Rethinking the Telephone

I've been focusing on phones again recently. Yesterday I turned off the ringers on all 8 of the phones in my home/office. It's a lot quieter now! I also turned off the sound on the answering machine, so that there is no way to know of an incoming phone call. Therefore there are no interruptions, not even the possibility of of an interruption. I can focus entirely on my work. This grand experiment is intended to be permanent, but it is yet to be determined if this policy can endure in the real world.

Phone calls are the worst kind of random events. We have been conditioned over the years to allow phones to dictate our actions in a kind of Pavlovian reflex. The ringing of a phone causes stress on the human body and over time it can lead to all sorts of stress related disease.

I propose this experiment: eliminate the ringing of telephones and you eliminate an enormous amount of stress in the lives of almost everyone on the planet. Global health would improve dramatically, productivity would go way up, stocks would soar, wars would cease, and I would be voted in as Global Dominator. We all live happily ever after and I am immortalized. So.... shut off your ringers and see what happens!

ps: also, turn off that silly little sound that accompanies the arrival of email.
(In Outlook Express: Tools/Options/General/Play sound when new messages arrive)

New Poster Now Available:

The Ten Commandments
Managing a Young, Growing Business

The one, the only, the original, and the best.
You can't play the Game of Business if you don't know the rules.
This sturdy poster, a full 11"x17", suitable for framing.
Great for grads or dads, home or office.
Only $19.95

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

PayPal verified!

You know you get a lot out of this website,
and now you can show your appreciation!

Using PayPal, you can make a simple donation online
to help support this website and the good work we do
to help children's charities.

Check out the Computer Secrets link on the home page
and you will see the "donate" button. It's easy!

Thank you!

Most Excellent Day

Starting with at home yoga lesson with Lisette,
I was well-stretched and tuned in
when Mark called to announce that the winds were ideal
for frisbee on the beach.

It was perfect.
We both knew it the minute we hit the beach.
A consistent moderate breeze (on the Beaufort Scale),
we needed nothing more.

I may remember one set forever:
It began with several running airbrushes, then a running triple kick,
more airbrushes followed by a running back roll,
and a behind the back catch.
I was amazed at how natural it was.

Mark did his first ever left kick followed by a right kick
and executed several running sequences that were outstanding.

Full Moon Frisbee

The storm system moving west brought morning rains,
clearing temporarily in the afternoon.
The full moon produced the expected low tide
revealing the sweet wide beach, perfect for play.

The best part was the wind.
Averaging 10 mph, it was truly the "third player",
and held the disc aloft longer and steadier
and helped Mark and I play our best ever.

The cold and spitting rain went unnoticed,
or if we noticed, we didn't care.

"To Fris is To Be"

Visit my Frisbee Page
for photos, videos, and links.

Landmark National Bank IPO in progress.

For the last two years, I have been working with a group of San Diego area business people to start up a new community bank in Solana Beach. Things have been going very well.

Today I sent this letter to selected names in my database.

Every indication is that the entire stock offering of $12,000,000 will be sold very quickly.
Minimum investment of $5,000.

We expect to open around the middle of July.

Contact Landmark National Bank directly at 858-509-2700.
Or click on

Stay tuned for more, as it develops.

Beach Frisbee Firsts!

The sun was warm.
The wind was sweet.
The tide was low.

The frisbee today was most excellent.
Mark did his first-ever back roll, and I did my first triple kick.

Life is good.

click image to enlarge

Pelican to Biplane Morph


Anne LeBris

I just got my scanner replaced. The old one finally fried, and I was looking forward to the experience of shopping for and installing a new one like I am looking forward to gum surgery. But faithful, tireless assistant Carol did the heavy lifting by doing the shopping, and I tackled the software install, and I am as surprised as anyone that it is now working and I can spontaneously bring visitors to this website a real treasure such as the one above.

Ann LeBris is an artist and a flyer and a good friend. Here is something she did for me for my birthday in '96, right after I got back from my coast to coast USA solo barnstorming adventure.

Anne knows I love the graceful flight of pelicans, and I am intrigued by the drawings of Escher, and of course I love my biplane. Put them all together and you have a gift that I will treasure forever. Thanks Anne!

Thinking Place

This is where it all happens, when it's happening inside my head.
From my easy chair I can see dolphins playing at my feet,
I can watch the pelicans soaring for miles with wingtips barely touching the waves.
And the sounds of the sea are perfect for deep thinking.

Rare Fun House Party photo found!

This great photo of the 1997 party at Mikie's Fun House was donated by Mike Rinebold.
It seems he was one of the very few with the presence of mind to record this awesome event.
Thanks Mike!

One side of the driveway was reserved for parking for Ferrari drivers only.
About 30 Ferraris enjoyed the mountain roads on the way to the party.
The other side of the driveway was reserved for open-cockpit biplanes only.
About 6 of those showed up.
There were about 350 people at the party,
including the 8-piece Rock and Roll band, The Mar Dels.
To read about the party, click on the photo above and follow your nose...

Landmark National Bank Gets Fed OK

For the last 18 months I have been working to help start up the new community bank in town.
At last, we have achieved the approvals to move on to the stock sale phase.
Click on above link for the complete info, but here's a quote from the Chairman:

"We are very pleased to have received preliminary approvals this week from both the Controller of the Currency and the FDIC," said Carlson. "These approvals represent significant steps in the birth of one of San Diego's newest community banks. This financial institution will provide high-quality, personalized service to businesses, professionals and individuals throughout San Diego County."

Stay tuned for more good news to come!

Sweet Wind

M. calls. The wind is up to about 8mph, and the temp is over 60.
Low tide approaching. Sunny.
Conditions are perfect for freestyle frisbee on the beach.
We both played better than ever. It was outstanding!

Later in the day I stopped by B&V home to have a pint of Guinness
with Fintan who was visiting from Ireland, with Holly.

Tomorrow I start back in on the many business adventures I've got going:
The Kerry Collection
Landmark National Bank
Gateway Wireless
Who - What - When
M5 Computer Security
Seaside Health Clinic

.... and more!

I'll need another vacation soon!

Another Perfect Day

Low level clouds move in, obscure the sun.
The day turns chill.
Saturday, no expectations.
I can have my Perfect Day.
(even with clouds)

A cup of coffee to start out.
Starbucks Gold Coast. They call it "bold".
Whole beans freshly ground for each cup.
Reverse-osmosis water prepared drop by drop, now just off the boil.
Rich Half and Half.
Raw cane sugar.
The choreographed dance of the ceremony of making it.
The mug warming hands while watching the passing storm.

My favorite blue flannel Land's End shirt,
over long sleeve Google t-shirt,
oversize socks,
curdoroy cargo pants,
warm me from the passing storm.

Traces of rain dot the windows,
while high winds howl and seek their way inside.

I sit with my coffee (with a short shot of Baileys),
considering the moods of the waves,
and being open to the thoughts that are important.

Intermittent trains truncating tranquility.

The winds soon abate, a sunspot appears in the distance.
The clouds lift and break. The storm passes.
People stroll my beach below.
Runners on the cliff.
Pelicans, seagulls, sandpipers all play.
Storms come and go, the birds will always fly again.

Why do I travel?
It's part curiosity for what else exists.
It's part for the insights I get when I return.
To see again what I have created for myself,
this thing called Home.
To see again with fresh eyes.
Not just my Home, but Life in General.
Is it what I truly want, or some other?
How could it be More Perfect?

Coming Home requires Going Away.

Soon my yoga mat calls me down to the floor.
Total relaxation, stretching and breathing.
Sleep. Jet lag adjusting another notch.
Awake with the heat of the afternoon sun.

Fresh fruit juices await me!

This is my Perfect Day unfolding.
I have many days of perfection, and yet they're all different.
But they all start out with the intention.

Correspondence via email.
Friends across the distance brought closer with just the right words.
Leaving only good works in my passing.

Time before sunset, watching from my window the ocean community,
of surfers and dolphins, pelicans, egrets, and runners...
all heading for Home, but I never left
and yet I've experienced it all just watching with them.

The evening candles are lit, the scene is all quiet.
Except for the sounds of the sea.

Thinking great thoughts, writing some of them down.

Another Perfect Day fades to peaceful sleep.

Another sunny day.
Still napping at unusual times. Jet lag from Italy.

Major hike with J.
From my side door, out the gate, and in just a few steps,
I'm on the cliff's edge, a single file path through native flowers
of purples, reds, golds, white and blue.

Then along the cliff, past multimillion dollar dwellings,
thru a gate, up a gravel path to the last few hundred yards of the street,
the last of the homes of infinite wealth,
the path winds down to the sea.

Hiking the sand to the inlet, then following the inside beach of the inlet,
in places neither of us had been before, far away from all others.

Why do I travel? The answer is near.

The morning brings clear skies and warm sun,
and a low tide frisbee session with M.

The sand is perfect in many ways...
brown sugar in some places, giving yet firm,
other places it's crunchy on the outside, sometimes 'chewey' or dust underneath,
The sand on my beach is now as perfect as it has ever been.
The winter has been kind.

Then off for breakfast at the Stratford Cafe,
outdoors in the warm sun, cool air.
K. was not there.

Late afternoon frisbee, again on the beach,
with J. (out exercising the new car).

Early to sleep and welcome the new rhythm of day/night.
It's amazing the different cycles which have such power over us.
The sun and the moon rule supreme, but there are others,
and many we create ourselves.

Why do I travel? The answer is coming to me...

View from room at Hotel Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy

I Have Returned

Last night I returned from two weeks away from my computer.
No email, no browsing, no writing.

It is so good to be Home.
To hear again My ocean, to breathe the pure air sweeping across My beach.
To see My friends, and My dolphins and pelicans, playing in My front yard.
Why do I ever leave?

It is so good to be Home.
To enjoy My food, My way.
To sit in My chair and sleep in My bed.
Why do I ever leave?

Home says it all.

The first few days were a visit to my parents in Philly.
Then off to tour Italy. Rome, Positano, Florence, Rimini, Rome.

The Sistine Chapel, Michaelangelo's masterpiece,.
and the treasures of Florence, walking in Leonardo's footsteps,
playing frisbee on the beaches of Italy,
driving in Rome, and the autostradas of Tuscany and Umbria,
window shopping in the style capital of the world,
streets lined with newly blooming lavender trees,
the first evidence of the first days of spring,
beautiful exotic women of fashion, passion, and humor,
the amazing Amalfi coastline,
the perfection of Positano, and Le Sirenuse hotel...

See my frisbee page for frisbee videos taken at Paganello!

Today in Del Mar:
It is overcast and the air is chill. The ocean is quiet. A glum day.
Perfect for recovering from jet lag, sleeping in the afternoon.

Who - What - WhenTM

The Manager's Most Powerful Software for Success.
I Delegate, Therefore I Am

More than just an automated 'to do' list, it's an easy to use, but enormously powerful
tool for delegating and keeping track of what's delegated until it turns into gold
(and we mean that literally as well as figuratively, but more on that later).

In other words, it keeps track of Who does What, and When it is supposed to be done,
and when there are lots of things to be done, you can easily assign priorities.

The perfect tool for crystal clear communications.
No manager can exist effectively without it.

Order today.

Introductory special. Only $19.95.
Save HUNDREDS if you act within the next 24 hours.

Click link above for more info and to order via Visa, MasterCard, or PayPal

The moon is reflecting off the waves, a purely mathematical thing.
But why is it so beutiful, so mesmerizing?
Check out the Webcam some night
when the moon is west of vertical.
It's magical.

New Camera

I have recently switched primary point and shoot cameras to the Canon Elph 300. it is a lot smaller and yet still takes reasonably good photos, as well as longer video clips, with audio.

MM picks Product of the Year:
FingerWorks Gesture Machine
It's about time somebody did this! I put my order in already.
I hope it works as well as it sounds like it will.
They may even catch up with my Foot Mouse invention.

This product offers the potential for huge improvements in productivity, and makes it more fun and easier to learn and use computers,
across all applications, and works for PCs, Apples, Unix boxes, and notebook computers too.
If it were just for the fact that it combines a mouse and a keyboard, it would be a hit.
But it also adds the recognition of hand gestures which makes many functions much more natural,
and greatly expands the vocabulary for communicating with a computer.
Only one thing could be better, and that's voice recognition.
This could be the Next Big Thing!

In other news, this morning's frisbee jam was rudely interrupted
by sharp pain in lower back.
Sound familiar?
Lying on the couch, watching the Super Bowl, icing my pain,
the phone intrudes with a recorded sales call
selling some doctor who cures lower back pain.
Coincidence, or message from the Universe? I laughed! And hung up.

Menage a Trois d' Internet:
Deux Webcams, Un Voyeur

The first of it's kind anywhere in the world. Another "first" for MM.
Conceived this morning, in production before noon.

Another first scheduled for today:
Torrey Pines Beach Freestlye Frisbee Association
First Ever, Scheduled, Invitational Web Jam
Professional talent is scheduled to appear on camera!
4:30PM California Time, Today.
To View, click on Webcam One: The Frisbee Beach "Jam Cam"

The TPBFFA makes History!

History will record that:
On Saturday afternoon at about 3:30pm, on the beach south of Del Mar, CA,

The Torrey Pines Beach Freestlyle Frisbee Association had its
First Ever,
Internet based, (BILLIONS coulda seen it!)
Totally Free to the General Public
Live Steaming Video
Impromptu* Freestyle Frisbee Jam.

You shoulda been there!
TPBFFA founders Mark Kalina (MD) and MM were in the rarest of forms.
Later, Mark claimed to have experienced "the zone".
He was more than hein. Hein and a half. Possibly even two hein.

MM, as always, was unfreakingdescribable. Period.

This historic, yet impromptu*, webcam broadcast, as well as future broadcasts, if any, (beach conditions permitting)
will be available at Web Cam One

The schedule for these jams is not published in advance, too much math involved,
but the clever among you will be able to
go to the tide tables to see:

When the tide is the lowest, and late in the afternoon, around sunset.
This is the time of the Full Moon or a New Moon.

Then, we be jammin'. Drop on by. Room for billions...


*the reason it was an impromptu webcast is because it never even crossed my mind to do this until we were already out there jammin' and then it hit me: holy moly: this is on the internet. (not an exact quote) it all seems so obvious now. ;o) i have become so adept at creating reality that some of my best ideas happen before i can think of them! the reason it wasn't obvious at the time is probably because i never played frisbee on these beaches within range of my webcam. i always played at Torrey Pines, about a mile south. but recent winter storms have eradicated the beach at torrey pines and moved it north, and now there is a perfectly awesome sandy-like-brown-sugar beach and it's just in view of my webcam. in any case, as long as i'm making confessions, i also have to admit that i wasn't keeping any recordings of this First Ever jam, so if there was someone out there who happened to stumble by and have a copy of the recording, we sure would appreciate it. History demands proof.


Website for the Torrey Pines Beach Freestyle Frisbee Association is:
Video footage available:
MM at
MK at

A Most Epic Day

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