The Mountain Came to Mohammad,


But Today, The Beach Came to Me


January 12, 2002



It was a truly epic day.

Warm sun, clear sky, and a wide open beach at low tide.

Barefoot Frisbee, freestyle, on pure clean sand the consistency of brown sugar.

It was spectacular.


The beach at Torrey Pines, where I have been playing for years,

was completely devastated by recent winter storms.

Nothing is left but rocks.

Millions of tons of sand were shifted two miles north, and gently deposited in my front yard!

Itís almost as if the Universe brought the beach to the one person who loves it the most.

Somehow, I was awarded Natureís great prize.


I played frisbee until an hour before sunset,

leaving plenty of time to get home for a shower and hot soak before the sunset was ripe for photos.

Then it was time to light my new Personal Candle from The Kerry Collection,

and the rest of my assortment of 31 wax and oil candles.

At dusk, my oceanfront home is ablaze with the colors of sunset on the outside and the glow of candles inside.

Next, itís a cup of fresh ground Starbucks, (which I get at Coffee Ambassador)

mixed with high octane Kona beans (Hawaiiís best from Koa Coffee Plantation)

and settle down for a few moments of solitude and writing.

Hereís some videos of Mark and I doing some airbrush frisbee this afternoon.

When we were too tired to run anymore, we did yoga headstands.


What a magical day!


Tonight Iíll sleep soundly, after a day well-lived

and secure in the knowledge that my computers are monitored and protected by M5.





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