Michael McCafferty

PO Box 2270
Del Mar, CA 92014

April 22, 2002

Dear (name from database):

I hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits…

It has been almost ten years since TeleMagic, my last successful business adventure.
During this past decade of rest and play, while I was flying my open cockpit biplane
throughout the US and Europe, many people asked "What's next?".

The long-awaited answer is enclosed.

The story of Landmark National Bank begins with my good friend David Goodell,
who was a valuable member of my Board of Advisors at TeleMagic and a gifted
partner in several very successful local real estate investments. David invited me
to join a group of extraordinarily experienced business people to form a new
community bank. For two years we have been dealing with the rigorous process of
becoming approved by the federal government to proceed with our initial public
stock offering. See the enclosed prospectus for details.

I invite you to review the prospectus, and if you are as enthusiastic about this
opportunity as I am, then you may want to join us as an investor.

Please feel free to contact me, or any officer of the bank, for more information.

All the best,


This letter was sent on personal stationery to 317 friends, family and business associates
from my TeleMagic database of over 1600 contacts.