Fast Mikie's
Interactive Pool Table

How to use the table

Move the balls around to desired positions by clicking on an item and dragging it.
When done, click on the copy button at lower right corner.
It will gather all the objects' position, encode them in a small string
and then store that string into your computer's clipboard.

If you open a text editor or email program and perform a regular computer "paste" function, the string copied earlier will show up, it looks like this:

START( %AI1Z8%DC9L7%HC9[1%PC9K4%QB0B0%f7%g6 )END

Let's say you have just sent this string to friends via email. By copying and pasting back the code to the program on their computers, your friends will then be able to visualize your idea perfectly.

Try this to get the hang of it:

1. click to load the table.

2. highlight the line below. right click, then "copy"


That line will give you a table set up for 9-ball.

The one below will give you a clean table, with just the cue ball on it:


3. Click on the paste button at lower right corner. You will be asked "do you want to provide the contents of the clipboard to this movie?" Click OK. (Your computer may ask the same question twice. Click OK twice.)

For more information about this pool table, including how to download it to your computer so it will work faster, how to get a personalized version, using it for commercial purposes, etc, please contact the programmer Wei at