Webcam One
Live Action at Frisbee Beach, Del Mar, California.
View from oceanfront home/office.

  Webcam Two
Now Playing: The Meditation Grotto

  Webcam Both
For we "Ands" in a sea of "Ors"



Technical genius and good friend Gary Bagheri installed the computers, camera equipment, and the wiring, and integrated the software.

© 2000 All rights reserved

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For best viewing

For natural movement, you should have a fast internet connection. DSL or cable modem is best.
For best colors and sharpness, you should have a VGA color monitor.


Be in the moment.
Breathe slowly and deeply.
Visualize yourself in this place.
Affirm to yourself that these moments of peace
bring you good health and insight.

Light a candle.
Enjoy a cup of coffee.
Play your favorite music.
Read a good book.

Bookmark this website and make it easy to come back. More visits means more peace.
To get another moment of action Right Click anywhere on the image, and then click Restart. Or click on your browser's Reload/Refresh button.
Visit as long as you want, it's free!
Share this webcam with a friend.

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Have patience. It may take 20 seconds or more for the image to start loading.
If the live action stops, Right Click anywhere on the image, then click Restart, to get more time.
Javascript must be enabled.

Upgrade your browser. Older versions are incapable of seeing the webcam.
We know that Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 works, and so does Netscape 4.7

If the image is all black, it probably means that it is nighttime in Del Mar, CA.
If the image is all gray, it probably means that the image is loading. Be patient.
If the image is all white, it probably means that the webcam is down for routine maintenance.
If the action is slow or intermittent, move up to DSL or cable modem. You'll love it!
If the action is still slow, it could be that the Internet and/or this website are unusually busy.
Try another webcam site, for example this one a couple of miles away on the Del Mar beach.
Reboot your computer and retry. It solves a lot of problems.

If you still have challenges, find peace with
Seven Sunsets and One Moonset

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