Plan for Excellence in Pool

(and current status)

        a. Finish "in the money" in at least one local tournament in 8 or 9 ball before the end of 2004 (done, see record below:)
               i. Family Billiards, Oceanside, 9-ball singles open, 3rd place
               ii. APA city championships, 9 ball team ("Dead Weight")
               iii. Scotch Doubles charity event, 9 ball, 4th place (in the money), with Tony Tommina
               iv. US Amateur Championships, UNDEFEATED, Preliminary Round Finalist (one of 5 in California)

Note: I joined the APA in 2004, and started playing as a skill level 4. After two matches I was raised to skill level 6, and then again to a 7. At the end of the year I was a level 7 in 9-ball, and a level 6 in 8-ball.

Plan of Action:

1. Practice - an average of at least 3 hours a day, 5 days a week (ongoing)
        a. Focused practice on my table
                i. Tony Sorto's precision position - the 9 ball string, one pocket, using foot rail
                ii. Bowlliards
                iii. 99 - Pool and Billiard International 9 ball rating system
                iv. Total Offense 9 ball exercise by Paul Potier
                v. Straight/Rotation exercise (click for details and Excel score sheet)
                vi. Various shots described in reading/video/dvd/instruction
                vii. "Wagon Wheel" draw practice, by Paul Potier
        b. Practice at various pool halls around town, to learn different table characteristics

2. Education (ongoing)
        a. Reading
               i. Books - click for list!
               ii. Magazines (Inside Pool, Pool and Billiard)
               iii. APA Message Board
               iv. Google Groups 180,000 threads, and going strong
        b. Video/DVD "how to" products
        c. Personal Instruction:
               Jim "Coach" Barnard - one on one, my table (done)
               Tony Sorto - one on one, my table (ongoing)
               Paul Potier - one on one, my table (done)
               Victor Castro - one on one, College Billiards

3. Competition (to get "tournament tough")
        a. APA competitions - two per week (depending on team requirements) (ongoing)
        b. Non-APA - various pool halls click for list (ongoing)
        c. Pro-am challenges whenever/wherever possible (click for story)
        d. National Team 9-ball Championships (click for story!) (done)
        e. US Amateur Championships

4, Equipment
        a. get a break cue (done)
        b. replace my old Willie Hoppe playing cue (done)
        c. add LimbSavers to my cues (done)
        d. add Z-shaft to my Predator playing cue (done)

5. Mental
        a. self-hypnosis - under the direction of Barry Jones, master hypnotist (ongoing)
        b. visualizations (ongoing)
        c. affirmations (ongoing)

6. Physical
        a. get eyes checked, new glasses (done)
        b. yoga (ongoing)
        c. exercise (ongoing)

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