A little while,
a moment of rest upon the wind,
and another woman will bear me.

The Prophet
Kahlil Gibran

Oh, that I had wings like a dove,
for then would I fly away,
and be at rest.

Psalms 55:6

I've cheated Death so many times;
	all but this last...
		and now that the end of this path has been reached,
			here's how I saw it,
				for whatever it's worth:

This man some called Mikie, 
	he created himself to be:
Biplane pilot, 
	aerial poet and artist
	playing in the sky
	slipping through rainbows
		and cathedrals of mountains and clouds
	freezing and sweating
			sometimes both at once, in fear and awe...
	flying low, 
		touching gently down on fields of grass,
	tricks in the air,
		loops and rolls and wingovers galore,
		even the maneuver called Mikie.
	barnstormer, nomad, going with the wind... 
Race car driver,
	playing with power
	and learning its lessons.
	Dancing at the edge.

Father of two.
	The essence of love.
	Gifts to the world.

Early on a rascal,
	later on a friend.
Always a poet.

Seeker of Good.
Seer of Visions.

Let's share a laugh,
	and a good deed or two.

	It all begins here.
	Life without mystery is unimaginable.
	To hold and share what I see.
	The greatest of powers to help save the world.

	Toys in the mind,
		Fun with logical puzzles.
	Building perfection out of thin air and keystrokes.
Inventor, improver.
	There was PAL, TeleMagic, EDP, and the Index,
		all claimed success of a sort,
			but of course there were others that never saw light.
	All were simply doing good for the Now,
		while planning for More,
			the Ultimate invention,
				to Save the World,
				to create Heaven on Earth,
				to live the Optimum Life...
	The Ten Commandments of Managing a Young Growing Business.
	Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
		Am I ready?
		Will they listen?
	It's genetic, I'm sure.
	Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow.
	I delegate, therefore I am.
		Do this, do that.
	It's all part of a plan
		(which I'm still working on...)
	Still learning.
	I have been so fortunate, 
	it's only right to share.
	of cancer divorce and bankruptcy
		a new life built on lessons and truths.
Fun House builder.
	Jacuzzi and pool,
	Airplane and race cars 
		sitting in my bedroom!
			(just because I can!)
	Me own little pub,
		with Guinness a flowin'.
Fast car collector.
	Ferraris and Mustangs and Jaguars,
		Viper, Pantera, and ...
			where will it end?

Beach Frisbee player.
	The sweetest fun.
	Purest play, a dance with the wind.
Straight Pool shooter.
	Once was a hustler,
		but learned about karma.

Ping Pong lover.
	Prefer not to keep score.

Oceanfront dweller.
	Put yourself in a magical place
		and magic will happen.
Low tides.
	Wide and quiet beaches.

	Beauty and truth.
	  	Meditation on life
			and our purpose.
	Signal for the evening ritual.
		The lighting of candles.

	Powerful and eerie.
	The energy to write.
The sky at night.
	Looking into the infinite.

Sun, Rain, Clouds and Fog,
   	The rhythm of Weather and Seasons.

	A solitary bird has five conditions...	
	and one of them isn't a long legged redhead with pigtails.
	My mind has a life of its own!
	The meaning of life is what we choose it to be.
	Who does what by when and how much?
Student of yoga,
	rejoicing in headstand 
	so much to learn,
	so much more to do
		as it is always in everything.

	And all that implies.
The best I can give you is
	what I have learned and what I have seen.

With love
	and until we meet again
		Do Good Now...	


You can say what you want, of course, but that's how I see it.