Michael McCafferty - European Biplane Tour

"The Craic Was Mighty"

Bunbeg, Ireland

The weather persists in thwarting my hopes for flying. Today's weather was the worst so far. Virtually continuous rain, very low ceilings, fog, and COLD. I never even bothered to go outside the hotel.

It was a perfect day to stay warm inside, and even if it was a perfectly flyable day, I would probably have done the same thing as another billion or two people around the world and watch the live TV broadcast of Princess Diana's funeral. I thought I would have been stronger, and for most of it I retained my composure, but at the sight of so many other people so obviously moved, I found myself fighting to hold back that first tear, ultimately without success.

In the midst of all of the depressing news, including the passing of Mother Theresa, I heard the one truly beautiful thought that made me smile and see that there is, if we only look for it, a positive way to see everything. Of the many hundred of thousands of people who sent messages to the press and to the family, one that was reportedly sent in from a little girl expressed the thought that God must be really happy and excited to be receiving into heaven both Diana and Mother Theresa in the same week.

In the evening I was pleased to be the guest of Adrian Towey (the Donegal airport commercial manager) and his wife Anne, for dinner at their home. We had a delightful dinner and I enjoyed meeting their four young children and Anne's brother in law Jim. After dinner we sat around the kitchen table for hours and engaged in the Donegal tradition of lively conversation ("craic" in Gaelic) on a wonderfully wide range of topics. While the rest of them enjoyed their spirits, I held myself to one glass of beer, planning on flying tomorrow, optimist to the end.

It was a great compliment Anne paid me when we hugged and parted, saying she really enjoyed the evening, and that "The craic was mighty". Aye, it was. I love the way these people talk!

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