Michael McCafferty - European Biplane Tour

Sensory Overload

Paris, France

I just couldn't take it any more! I just had to get out of the sensory overload of the disco scene in Porto Cervo. Maybe The Animal and The English Lord can take it every day, but Sean and I were in complete agreement that it was just not for us.

The weather is perfect there, but if you aren't into the disco scene, or laying in the sun all day, there is just nothing to do. In fact there's just no intellectual stimulation at all.

And besides (my father says that when somebody says "and besides", what follows is the REAL reason), what I really, really want to do is to fly.

I figured that the only option is to go back to France and sit at the airport with my biplane and wait until the weather gets good enough to do some touch and go's. No matter how long it takes.

These are the thoughts that were going through my head when I woke up this morning, then Sean called to say that he was completely bored with Porto Cervo and we came to the agreement that it was time to get out of town.

Within an hour we were checked out of the hotel and driving north to St. Teresa to catch the ferry back to Bonifacio, Corsica. Immediately upon landing in Corsica, we drove north to the airport at Figari, and with only a minute to spare, we returned the rental car and jumped on the plane to Paris, then a taxi to the hotel. Rental car, boat, plane, taxi... three countries in 5 hours. Everything went like clockwork.

We are staying at a Swedish hotel here in Paris, and the phone system here is one of Alexander Graham Bell's early models, and not at all compatible with computers. The typical way of dealing with this is to plug into the hotel's fax line, bypassing the PBX. Unfortunately the night clerk at this hotel is a very frightened old Swedish man (it's a Swedish hotel) who can only say "No-no, no-no, what if problem?, no-no". One more email delayed. Add one more element to the list of problems to communicating using a computer, night clerks!

My plan right now is to take the train to Nangis tomorrow around noon, get a hotel there and fly whenever the ceiling lifts higher than 1000 feet. I gotta get some air under me, get some landings.... I gotta fly so bad I can taste it!

There is no photo today, it was just one of those days. Maybe tomorrow.

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