Yellow Split Pea & Rice
Indian Curry Sauce

Ingredients (Two servings)

      cup Basmati Rice
      cup Yellow Split Peas
     1 1/3 cup water
     (Choose one of the following)
           1 jar Korma Indian Curry Sauce, or
           1 jar Trader Joes Masala Simmer Sauce, or
           1 jar Spinach Masala Curry Sauce
     1 tsp. oil
     1 cup steamed green beans
     1 carrot sliced and steamed


Rinse Yellow Split Peas in colander and put in 2 quart pot with water.
Cook for 15 minutes until split peas start to soften.
Add rice and cover.
Continue cooking until all water has been absorbed.
Turn off heat and allow the pea and rice mixture to sit another 5 minutes.
Fluff with fork and cool.

This makes 2 servings.
Divide mixture and place on two serving dishes.
Put mixture in the middle on each serving plate.
Add steamed green beans and carrots and arrange around the rice mixture.
Add a small amount of Curry sauce to the top of the rice mixture.
Put the rest in a serving bowl to be added when ready to serve.


The secret ingredient is the sauce!

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