Curry Rice Tempeh, with veggies
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Rice Pilaf, Yam, Tempeh and Spinach
With Lemon Butter Sauce

Entree Ingredients (Two Servings)

      box of Casbah Rice Pilaf Mix
      1 cup water
      tsp. olive oil
      pinch salt
      1 large yam
      tsp. Braggs
      1 TB. Earth Balance
      2TB. maple syrup
      1 package of pre-washed spinach leaves
      Tofu or Tempeh
      2 TB tamari, 1 TB oil

Lemon Butter Sauce Ingredients (Two Servings)

      tsp. lemon juice
      tsp. Braggs
      1 TB Earth Balance (butter)
      tsp. grated parmesan cheese
      2-3 TB water


Rice Pilaf: Heat one cup of water in saucepan and bring to boil.
      Remove seasoning packet and add box of Rice Pilaf and a little olive oil.
      Stir and remove from heat. Let sit for 5 minutes covered.

Lemon Butter Sauce: Mix water, Earth Balance, of seasoning packet, lemon juice, and Braggs to taste.
      Heat in a small saucepan, stirring frequently until everything is mixed.
      Add parmesan.

Yam: Bake in microwave until soft.
      Let cool.
      Cut in half and scoop out insides leaving the shell whole.
      In a bowl, add yam, maple syrup, Braggs, salt, earth balance.
      Mix well and put in the half shells.

Spinach: Add a little lemon butter sauce in saucepan and bring to medium high.
      Add handfuls of spinach and cook quickly until just wilted.

Tofu or Tempeh: Cut in pieces and brown in saucepan with Tamari sauce.
      Add oil and continue to brown until light brown.

Arrange all this in a covered casserole dish.
Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Heat and serve. Add the lemon butter sauce to the couscous for extra flavor.

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