Over the years of continuous improvement,
we have developed a list of high standards
for the ingredients to these extraordinary meals.

All fresh foods are to be consumed within 3 days.
Packaged foods will be consumed by the "sell by" date.
Foods are discarded if these times are past.
Frozen foods are avoided.
Fruits and vegetables with bruises are avoided,
or bruises are cut out before use.
Only the very youngest asparagus is used,
only the flower tops of broccoli are used, etc.

Only the very highest quality foods are purchased.
Cost is no object considering that
each meal may be the Last.

All of these recipes are free of meat, milk and eggs,
for many reasons.

Substitutes are discouraged.
A consistent dining experience is valued far more
than being subject to surprises
which have a high probability of being
below the level of the Expected.

All people have favorite foods.
Yours may differ from what is presented here.
These recipes contain only the foods
which are on the list of M's Favorites.

Special Ingredient
These recipes all are to contain one
special non-food ingredient:
the Full Attention and High Intention of the cook
who visualizes the Doing of a Good Thing,
and the Creation of Food Which Will Nourish Another Being.

Visual Appeal
M. values substance more than transient visual artistry,
especially considering that Time limits all endeavors.
However, visual appeal is created with a Zen-like philosophy
which finds beauty in simplicity.

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