General Considerations

Designing The Cook's Job Description
Extensive documentation is an integral part of the cook's job.
This assures a consistent experience, allows minimum supervision,
and minimizes training of substitutes when Carol is on vacation.
This of course means written recipes for all meals, but also
such things as checklists, inventory lists, procedures,
food sources, and written communications regarding
changes, additions, deletions to the menu.
Although talking is discouraged during cooking hours
there is a weekly discussion meeting with M.
for the purpose of making suggestions, asking questions, etc.
This "feedback loop" is the embodiment of
the principle of continuous improvement.
It has been the 19 years of Friday meetings
that as evolved the perfection of these meals.

Delayed Consumption, Immediately Available
All of these meals are designed to be prepared in advance,
then covered and refrigerated for consumption,
from several hours, up to a maximum of 3 days later.
A microwave is used to reheat the entrees
and the soups are brought to near-boiling on the range.
M. does not eat on a fixed schedule
so these meals must be available within 3 minutes reheat time,
and require no additional preparation whatsoever.

Easy Clean Up
M. prefers to minimize clean-up time,
so the finished meals are stored on microwavable plates,
which also double as the dinner plate.

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