Cajun Tofu Pasta

Entree Ingredients (Two Servings)

     ½ brick of firm tofu, sliced in triangles
     1 TB Tamari
     1-2 TB sunflower oil
     4 oz dry linguine
     2 quarts water to cook linguine
     ½ cup water
     1/8 tsp garlic powder
     2 TB no-chicken stock
     1tsp. Cajun seasoning
     ¼ tsp basil
     3-4 TB half and half
     ¼ tsp lemon pepper salt
     2 TB parmesan cheese
     salt and pepper to taste
     2 TB earth balance
     1 tsp. Wondra flour
     1 TB chopped onion
     1 carrot, sliced and steamed


Cook Linguine and drain.
Coat with some oil and parmesan cheese and place in center of serving dish.
Marinate tofu triangles with tamari in saucepan.
Sauté’ until tamari evaporates and add 1TB oil and continue browning until light brown.
Place on serving plate with linguine.


In saucepan sauté chopped onions until translucent.
Add earth balance and flour and lightly brown.
Slowly add water and then add all seasonings.
Finally, remove from heat and add half and half.
Pour a small amount of sauce on the linguine and tofu and put the rest in a separate container.


As with many of these recipes, the sauce is spectacular!

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